Here is a little about myself

I’ll be the first to admit I’m far from perfect and am not even close to having my life together. I’m a young 21 year old finding her way through this adult world one mistake, lesson, and adventure at a time. I strive to keep an open mind in any situation and to make the most out of every day that I get to live on this beautiful planet.

I have very little interest in anything that doesn’t help me reach the goals that I have set for myself. I refuse to sit back and get caught up in everyday life. I’m pushing myself to work my ass off now so one day soon I can have the life I envision for myself and the loved ones that have supported me from the day I started this journey.

I write because it’s something that makes it easier to express what runs through my mind. I created this so I can share my thoughts, opinions, and challenges with you; to open myself up to those who know me.

Interact with me. Criticize what you please. Make comments. Offer ideas for me to write about. Share my writing. Do what you please.

From me to you,