My Thanksgiving Thanks

A post I made on Facebook for Thanksgiving this year. I thought I’d bring it here to really share. Since even then a lot has changed, but this is still how I feel. 

Through out today, I’ve thought of everything I have to be thankful for; A loving, supportive, and just all around incredible family, a boyfriend that has been nothing but amazing; my rock and best friend, the best coworkers that have become some of my closest friends, and some damn amazing friends that have become my family. This past year and a half would’ve turned out much differently and much worse if I wouldn’t have had these amazing people behind me helping me through the trial and errors, and hardships that have come up in my young adult life so far. 
Not only am I thankful for these people, but I’ve been blessed with an opportunity at an incredible school to leed me down the path I’ve chosen to create for myself and my future. 

Last, but not least I am also thankful for all the bad that’s happened that’s come along with the good in my life. I’m thankful for the people that have come and gone throughout my life, the people that have done me wrong and have turned their backs on me. I’m thankful for the people who have put me down and hurt me. I’m thankful for my wrong-doings even though it may make me disappointed in myself for them. I am thankful for every single thing that has happened and every single person that has come into my life, whether or not they have stayed. Because of everything that’s happened in my life I am becoming the person I have always hoped to be. Slowly, day by day I am getting closer to a goal I may never reach because I will always believe I can go even further and will continue to push myself. 

I’m thankful for the good, the bad, the wrong-doers, the supporters, the doubters, the pushers, the friends, the enemies, the love, the hurt.. Everything. Absolutely everything, because it’s helping make me person I want to become.


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